Hapoel Jerusalem | The guide to the New Tickets Website

The guide to the New Tickets Website

We have upgraded to a new ticketing system for you. Below is the complete guide

03/07/2024  | 11:00  | News
Welcome to Hapoel's new tickets and subscriptions website!

Below is a guide that will introduce you to the system and explain how to purchase subscriptions and tickets through it.

Before we begin, make sure that you and each of your family members have a username on the new website. Please note that the email you use to register on the site should be the same email you used for the previous ticketing system.

If you have registered in the new system in the past week, you are ready! Enter the system and purchase your subscription.

Not registered? To register for the new system, you will need your previous customer number. Know it? Great! click here and register now!

Don't know it? Click here for the full explanation on how to find it.

Once you enter the tickets website, after filling in your username and password, this is the screen you will see:

(Note: The new system supports both desktop and mobile. However, we recommend that for your first login and during the renewal process, you get acquainted with the system from the desktop).

Enter your personal area by clicking the "Personal Area" button in the upper left.
Renew Subscription:

Fans who renew multiple subscriptions currently in their name are requested to assign each subscription to a unique user. Each person can hold only one subscription in their name. To make this assignment, scroll down to the "Family and Friends" section.

Family and Friends:

This is where the users you will assign to their subscriptions should appear. You can add friends and family by clicking the add button and entering their email address or ID number. When you click the "Add to Friends and Family" button, an email will be sent to them, and they will be asked to approve or reject the request (they can also approve you through their personal area).

If another user adds you, you can approve the request from within the system or by email.

Now that you have set up your friends and family group, you can proceed to assign the subscriptions. In the options menu, click "Assign Subscription to Owner".

Go through all the subscriptions and assign each one to its user by clicking "Assign to Owner".
After doing so, return to the personal area and click "Purchase New Items" and select "Season Subscription 2024/25".

Now, you will have the option to renew the existing subscription and add new subscriptions. Choose the appropriate option from the next screen:

After clicking on renew subscription, you will be taken to the purchase page. If you belong to any eligible discount groups, contact the fan support center on WhatsApp to arrange your inclusion in the relevant group. Note that identification documents will be required.

Here is a list of special groups and the documents required for each:
  •  Students for the upcoming academic year - Proof of enrollment for the upcoming year / Student ID
  • Active reservists who served 30 days during the last season - Proof of reserve service since October 2023 from the official reserve website
  •  Regular soldiers - Valid military ID
  • National Service - Proof of National Service
  • Senior citizens - Senior citizen ID
  • Youth Department - Details of the process coordinated with the managers.

Once you are set in the system, you can return to the purchase process and click on "Existing Discounts" and mark the discount you are eligible for.

Additionally, note that if you choose to upgrade your location, you are entitled to an additional discount, so you should also select this option in the existing discounts.

Please ensure all details are correct and the discount has been successfully applied.

At this stage, do not pay attention to the virtual card button - before the season starts, we will update all subscriptions to a smart subscription for easy and convenient access (remember that plastic subscriptions are no longer valid).

Now, click on summary and proceed to the payment page.
New Subscription:

From the personal area, click on "Purchase New Items" and click on "Season Subscription 2024/25".

After clicking on the cart icon, the hall map will open, and you will need to select the desired seating area.
(If you are interested in purchasing a subscription for Hall 1 "Cheering Block," please read the instructions below).

After selecting the desired seating area, the seating map of the chosen area will open, and you will be asked to select the seats you wish to purchase. Note that it is not possible to choose seats with a dark background, as the spot is reserved for another subscriber until the reservation period ends. Select the seats and click "Add to Cart". Click the button at the bottom left and proceed to the purchase screen.

Check that all details are correct, ensure you have exhausted your eligibility for discounts (read about your eligibility here), and click on summary.

Season tickets to Hall 1 "Cheering Block" - Standing Area (Area F - Pink):

Since this is a standing area without designated seats, you will not be given the option to choose a spot, but a window will open asking you to assign the subscription to a user. Please enter the email address or ID number.

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