Hapoel Jerusalem | Hapoel advances to the quarterfinals of the State Cup

Hapoel advances to the quarterfinals of the State Cup

The Reds defeated Galil Elyon on yesterday 89:69 and will host Hapoel Tel Aviv at the Arena on Sunday (18:00). According to the compensation plan issued by the club, each subscriber will receive a free ticket for the game

27/03/2024  | Post-Game
?It seems far away, but only about a year ago, Hapoel won the 7th state cup in its history in front of thousands of Reds at the Pais Arena. Yesterday (Wednesday) the Reds completed an 89:69 win over Galil Elyon after a tremendous second half on both sides of the field and advanced to the quarterfinals of the cup as part of their title defense campaign. On Sunday (18:00), the Reds will host Hapoel Tel Aviv at Pais Arena where, according to the compensation plan for the loss of home games in Europe announced by the club, every subscriber is entitled to a gift card for the game.
Course of the game
Quarter 1
The Reds started the game with Speedy Smith, Or Cornelius, Levi Randolph, Oz Blayzer and Zach Hankins. With the opening, Orko opened with a successful penetration to the basket and Zach added a dunk on his own alley-oop. Galil did not hesitate and did a good job on the offensive level to stay close to Jerusalem. Another dunk by Hankins with a tremendous assist by Cornelius didn't stop Gilil Elyon led by Silverio from taking its first lead of the game. Galil's defense also started to tighten up, which allowed the northerners to quickly run to a double-digit lead. A Shay Ularchyk timeout stopped Galil's run and gave the reins to Speedy Smith who took control of the game and with 3-pointers, free throws and great game management reduced the Northerners' lead to a single position in less than a minute. Roie Huber made a three-pointer at the buzzer and at the end of the quarter - 25:20 for Galil.

Or Cornelius. Open strong
Quarter 2
Both teams started the second quarter quite weakly, struggling to get the ball into the ring, and mostly missing from outside the arc. Both teams were dragged into long attacks that ended in fouls and tried to find ways to break the drought. For Hapoel it was, of course, Speedy Smith who scored a three-pointer that unleashed the Jerusalem attack. From here, Speedy juggled on the court with another Alley-oop to Hankins who reduced the difference back to only 2 points. Huber was the one who unleashed Galil's attack with a three-pointer of his own and together with the zone defense that started to guard the northerners increased their advantage back. Carrington also found the ring after many consecutive fouls and reduced the deficit together with the duo of Speedy and Hankins. Miller from Galil slightly raised the score and at the end of the half 42:39 for Galil Elyon.

Speedy. came sharp
Quarter 3
The Reds opened the second half with an iron defense and managed to force several stops on Galil. Speedy Smith and Or Cornelius with steals led the Reds to deadly passing attacks with tremendous finishes by Oz Blayzer and Jacorey Williams and put the Jerusalemites in the lead and sent Barak Peleg's apprentices to a timeout. Galil's time-out did not stop the Jerusalem defense for a moment, which tightened even more when the highlights on the offensive side also keep coming with Oz Blayzer, Zach Hankins and Khadeen Carrington sending the northerners to another time-out with a double-digit lead. Barak Peleg managed to fax his team, which cut the difference in half, until Levi Randolph intervened and determined the result of the quarter - 60:53 for Hapoel.

Jacorey and Blayzer lift the Arena to the air
Quarter 4
Levi Randolph opened the quarter exactly where he finished with a clean basket from half distance and Nimrod Levi with four consecutive points balanced Galil, which also entered an offensive flow. Speedy Smith began to take command of the Jerusalem attacks and in two consecutive attacks found Yovel Zoosman in the corners of the court for a free three-pointer that caused the group from the north to go to timeout with a double-digit deficit. The timeout did not calm Speedy Smith who also added a three-pointer of his own and increased the lead even more. The Reds took their foot off the gas a bit but Zach Hankins refused to do so and completed dunk after dunk. Hence, the victory was guaranteed when at the end of the game 89:69 for Hapoel.

Zach Hankins is ON FIRE
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Tonight: Holon hosts Hapoel

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