Hapoel lost to Gilboa and down 0:1 at the quarter final

The reds had bad game that ended with 78:85 to the rival. Howell scored 17 points

From: Hapoel Jerusalem - 01:10 | 31/05/2018 | (Photo by: אורן בן חקון)

Hapoel 'Bank Yahav' Jerusalem down 0:1 against Gilboa/Galil at the begging of playoffs 2018. The reds lost 85:78 after a very bad game with low percentage from the field.

Gilboa took the lead early and Hapoel chased after the rival for 40 minutes. Dyson and Kinsey scored only 6 from 26 from the field, and the whole team shot 6 from 24 for three (25%). At the last minutes the reds succeed to put a little bit of pressure on Gilboa, but kinsey missed free shot, and Hapoel lost the game.

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